How co-design can transform the customer experience

Co-design, often referred to as participatory design, brings the concept of multidisciplinary collaboration into practical application. Learn how, when and why in this piece I wrote for
Information Age.


How to Use UX Research to Uncover Hidden Needs

In this piece, I contextualize UX research methods for marketers to help them cultivate empathy and insights, ultimately leading to better outcomes.


Four Lessons from Losing
a Pitch

This is a piece on failure.

After losing a new business pitch, I wanted to help our team reflect on what we learned. Our biggest takeaway: Failure is simply a tool. Wield it.

Speaking Engagements

Speaker: Adobe Creative Jam | 2019

The Relentless Climb Out of the Valley of Creative Despair

Speaker: UX’Yall Conference | 2018

Leading User-Centered Workshops with Cross-Functional Stakeholders

Co-led with Kate Kaplan

Speaker: Triangle Marketing Club | 2017

Journey Mapping for Marketers & Makers

Roundtable Facilitator: CMO Exchange | 2016

Adopting a Journalistic Mindset to Foster Agility & Customer Engagement

Co-facilitated with Lindsey Johnson

Workshop Facilitator: High-Five Conference | 2015

Building a Customer Experience Framework

Co-facilitated with Kate Kaplan, Steven Keith, John Lane

Speaker: Digital Marketing for Business Conference | 2014

The Intersection of UX & Content Marketing