Everyone has a why. Your why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.
— Simon Sinek

For a truly impactful service or product innovation, I believe we need to embody five core principles. These sounds easy on the surface, but are much harder to live.


5 Principles for Human-Centered Progress

1. Challenge false dichotomies.

Resist your brain’s temptation to group people, beliefs and ideals into rigid categories before understanding what connetions might eists. that serve no purpose other than to divide.

2. Collaborate with unexpected partners.

The fastest path to learning and expanding our view of the world is by forcing ourselves to work with people who are different than us. This is where sparks of creativity are born! 

3. Be decent to one another.

Because everyone has a story, but only if we choose to hear it. Empathy lays the groundwork for common decency and kindness—something missing from many areas of business and our political system today.

Plus, we'll all be dead soon, so why waste energy being a turd?  

4. Cultivate a curiosity habit.

Curiosity opens pathways to new learning opportunities that help us look at the world differently. A curiosity habit—or being in a constant state of discovery and learning—heightens our awareness of when we become infatuated with a solution rather than asking the right questions.

5. Include outsiders.

This is the key to building a better, more sustainable future that benefits the masses rather than the few. 

Everyone is a participant in shaping our future. It requires many different minds, talents and skills. It's a playground of opportunity.

So...let's play!